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Articles - Workaholics - The Comedy Network starting April 11

Workaholics - The Comedy Network starting April 11
Adam Devine, Anders Holm, Blake Anderson
The Comedy Network
Mondays 10 p.m.
Premieres April 11th 2011

Workaholics is your standard slacker sitcom  Workaholics Season One  If you like the genre, you are going to enjoy this series which premieres Monday April 11th at 10 p.m. on The Comedy Network (of course). This ten episode show stars internet sketch group Mail Order Company: Adam Devine, Anders Holm, Blake Anderson. Unlike the unfortunate experiences of other sketch groups, these guys were smart enough to use a script instead of simply relying on their skills. This automatically makes for a better situation comedy. This review is based on a screening copy of the pilot / first episode.

Being slackers, these Workaholics do not reinvent the wheel when it comes to slacker humor. You get the usual crude humor and stupid stunts and gags. The thing is this show does it well enough to keep a viewer entertained and wanting to see the next episode.

Workaholics is the story of Anders, Blake, and Adam. They live together and work, if you can call it that, in a call centre. The show opens with Anders sending a picture of his johnson to a girl who sexted him. Of course this is a practical joke Blake and Adam are playing on him.

Anders gets even at work when the guys find out there is going to be a drug test and an occasion do introduce both drug and urine jokes.

A running gag in this situation comedy is Adam s inability to come up with witty repartee.

What does not quite work in the pilot is the tester guy. He is not really as funny or as good an actor as the show seems to think he is.

The story in this pilot is quite good if a bit crude.

Workaholics entertains after a hard day at work. The Comedy Network Mondays at 10 starting April 11th 2011

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