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Articles - The Queen s Toast - The Comedy Network Monday April 25th 8:30

The Queen s Toast - The Comedy Network Monday April 25th 8:30
The Queen s Toast A Royal Wedding Special
Scott Thompson, others
The Comedy Network
Monday April 25th 2011 8:30 p.m.

The Queen s Toast and so is this show. The one good thing about it is The Comedy Network will have to work hard to find reasons to re-air it after Prince whatshisname marries that girl. This is a one joke show -Scott Thompson dragged up as the Queen--  with twenty some more minutes to fill commercials not included. If The Comedy Network airs clips of its other shows during the commercial breaks The Queen s Toast might be funny.

The premise for The Queen s Toast is Betty 2 is a tad wee bit nervous about making the toast at her son s wedding after some kind of faux pas. The faux pas may have been in the news but you would have to be a royal watcher to know the reference.  Betty consults some Canadian fop named Buddy, some journalist of some kind and his young crew are working on a story or something, and some girl is Royal correspondent.

It is kind of hard to figure out the thread in this comedy special. Buddy in what seems to be a teleconference with Betty gives various her various advice such as toking up, pronunciation exercises and so on.

The Queen s Toast was made with stale bread. It airs Monday April 25th at 8:30


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