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Comedy Reviews - CD - Lisa Lampanelli - Tough Love CD and MP3

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Tough Love
Lisa lampanelli
Stand-up Comedy MP3 download and CD
Jack Records / Warner Brothers 2011
52 minutes

Fifty years and nine months ago Don Rickles and Phyllis Diller got really plastered and Rickles forgot to pull out: Lisa Lampanelli is an excellent insult comic. If you enjoy nasty adult stand-up comedy Tough Love is fifty minutes of Lampanelli taking digs at blacks, gays, Mexicans, dinosaurs, lesbians, and anything else that can be insulted including herself. As the cover shows, Lapanelli is a real Italian and now that she is fifty dresses like a teenage skank. Tough Love is a comedy MP3 and CD that will more than please her fans.

There is s standard format to a Lisa Lampanelli stand-up comedy show. She opens with improvised digs at the people in the front row making sure she insults every possible group she can set her eyes on before moving on to her set. It works and immediately sets the color, tone, and genre and gets the audience firmly on board.

She then goes to familiar ground with stories about the Comedy Central Roasts.

The core of Lisa Lampanelli Tough Love is her Fang aka the guy who married her. This is excellent stuff.

The best bit on this Lampanelli CD is the closer, The Roast of Worthless Americans which is surprisingly only 9 minutes long. I guess Lampanelli is saving material for her next ten albums. This tracks allows the comic to take digs at anything in the news she wants including the cast of The Jersey Shore, Real housewives of New Jersey, Tiger Woods, Kate Gosselin, Britney Spears, Brangelina, the Karsashians, and a superb dig at Jennifer Aniston "a woman whose last DVD was such a bomb an Arab tried to carry it on board in his shoe"

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