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Articles - Comedy Gold Summer 2011 Line-up

Comedy Gold Summer 2011 Line-up

Comedy Gold is one of the top 20 digital channels in Canada. Summer 2011 will add to its viewership with an interesting line up of sitcoms and situation comedy marathons. In a sick, very sick move, the channel has already announced its Back To School special line-up for Labor Day weekend. Come on, guys! I haven’t finished correcting this year’s batch of final exams!!!!!!!

Monday to Friday nights feature The Mary Tyler Moore Show at 8 P.M. with a “new” season starting July 15th, The Bob Newhart Show with a “new” season beginning July 8th at 9:30. Murphy Brown airs at 10:30. The Dixie Carter Shrill Show aka Designing Women airs at 11:00  

Speaking of shrill, the Designing Women marathon will celebrate Canada Day (HUH?) The Best of Mary Jo episodes begin June 30th, Best of Charlene the next day. The bitching fest goes full blast with the so-called best of Julia July 2nd. The marathon closes with Best of Suzanne on the 3rd.  These shows begin at 6  Ante Menopausal and repeat at 2 and 10 Post Menopausal

A much, much better sitcom marathon begins July 30th with Night Court. The Best of Harry July 30th, The Best of Christine on the 31st, and the not to be missed Best of Dan on August 1st. 6 a.m. 2 p.m. and 10 p.m.

I refuse to list a back-to-school line-up in an article written in MAY

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