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Funny Books - Drive! - Zits Sketchbook 14

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Drive! Zits Sketchbook 14
Jerry Scott, Jim Borgman
Andrews McMeel 2011
127 pages

Drive!, the 14th Zits Sketchbook is of course excellent and certain to make you laugh out loud a few times as you read this collection of the Scott – Borgman comic strip. In this latest installment Jeremy Duncan turns 16 and this means he gets his driver’s license. Will the Duncan home and garage ever be the same?   If you know a teen who just got his or her license, Drive! would make a really cool present. Amazon Kindle Edition

Zits is consistently entertaining, funny, original, and intelligent.  Jeremy Duncan is a good kid even if he is a teenager. His parents, Connie and Walt are good parents who try to understand their son is going through a growing process. This is of course not easy and source of quite a few laughs.

This 14th Zits Sketchbook begins with the end of the school year and Jeremy now single after breaking up with Sara. Quite a few of the strips have to do with Jeremy working to get his license, being tested for his license, and getting his license.

Other strips have to do with the communication problems Connie and Walt Duncan have with their son, the technological world he lives in and they do not understand, various incidents at school, and odd events with Pierce. Jeremy’s other friends are mostly absent from this collection.

This is a very funny comic strip that assumes both teens and parents are intelligent people.

Drive! would make a great gift for parents of a teen who recently lost access to their car and, of course, any new driver.

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