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TV & sitcom DVDs - Adam Pateman - Comedy Now! July 9th 10 P.M.

Comedy Now! July 9th 10 P.M.
Adam Pateman
Comedy Now!
Saturday July 9th 2011 10 P.M.

Adam Pateman is a decent comic. His Comedy Now! performance airs Saturday July 9th at 10 on CTV. This is a clean show aside from one dick joke.

Pateman’s forte is sound imitation. He drops in a few in his set. The better ones are cell phone on vibrate and pouring a soft drink. 

The comic mostly does short bits. His blind people and Braille joke is fun, as is the one about getting a letter from the Premier or the Prime Minister on your birthday. Less effective is the Japan bit while the ADD could have been better exploited.

His longer routines are pretty good. The most memorable is how love is like lobster. This is original stuff that somehow makes sense. Also good is the bit on sugar free lube.

The show closes with a bit on Tim Hortons. It is decent enough but lacks a certain something.

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