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TV & sitcom DVDs - Roman Danylo - Comedy Now! July 16th

Comedy Now! July 16th
Comedy Now!
Roman Danylo
Saturday July 16th 2011
10 P.M.

Stand-up comedian Roman Danylo may better be known for his part in the Comedy Inc. improv show has a Comedy Now! show Saturday July16th at 10 on CTV. It is perhaps no surprise the best part of the show is when Danylo invites an audience member on stage and does some improv. Unfortunately, that is the last bit in the show.

Danylo comes across as a generic middle act comic. His material of mostly very short bits is professional but not especially original. He opens the show with a four minute airplane routine. He has a decent bit about getting even with the animals such as “selling whales CDs of me making annoying sounds”.

Other jokes are not really interesting although the Jehovah Witness car is decent.

The penultimate closer is a couples routine.

This show is not the highlight of Comedy Now! season 13.

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