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TV & sitcom DVDs - Graham Chittenden - Comedy Now! July 23rd 2011 10 P.M. CTV

Comedy Now! July 23rd 2011 10 P.M. CTV
Graham Chittenden
Comedy Now!
CTV Saturday July 23rd 10 P.M.

This episode of Comedy Now! is one of the few where you can actually see the audience laugh. Graham Chittenden gives a solid performance. The material and language is sometimes a bit more adult audience than what is usually presented on this stand-up comedy half hour CTV perennial but Chittenden pulls it off. The only thing wrong with this performance is that it is not longer.

Chittenden opens with a good bit about living with your parents. This is a set-up he uses again later on to great benefit. He also has a good, fresh bit on road rage and one on being married for a long time.

Also excellent is the routine about people thinking he is gay and perhaps interested. His old people and casinos bit is also good. Chittenden could perhaps have done more with the canes part of the story but I am being picky.

He also has a great joke or two about living in Brantford (where you take a laxative to have something to do all day).

The set closes with a joke about garage sales everybody can relate to.

You can also catch this Comedy Now! at either or It is well worth looking for.

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