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Live Comedy - Big Jay Oakerson - The American Storyteller - Just For Laughs Zoofest 2011

The American Storyteller - Just For Laughs Zoofest 2011
The American Storyteller
Big Jay Oakerson
Zoofest / Just For Laughs
July 29th 2011

There is only one American Storyteller and that is Ron Shock. Big Jay Oakerson is at best Neighborhood Anecdote Guy. His show at Café Cleopatre last night was memorable only because the venue features drag queen waiters and usually serves as a drag queen cabaret weekends and fetish club weeknight.

This show is part of Zoofest, an off-Just For Laughs that features more experimental shows and works in progress. Big Jay Oakerson’s show was the most disappointing since the concept began four years ago.

Oakerson takes the stage and spends an hour talking about his early days as a comic. The thing is his early days as a comic are not particularly interesting and he almost tells the same story twice.

Oakerson started out as the only white comic in all-Black showcases and by day he played Elmo at a kid’s birthday party and by night he drove a stripper to a bachelor party. Oakerson was the only white guy in Black comedy clubs and one day he played Winnie the Pooh at a kid’s birthday party and one night he drove a Hispanic and a Black stripper to a white supremacist party.

The story goes that when comics get together they tell stories about their worst gigs. Oakerson did not have material before this show; he does now.

Richard Lanoie

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