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Comedy Reviews - CD - Marc Maron - This Has To Be Funny

Amazon page
Amazon page

This Has To Be Funny
Marc Maron
Stand-up Comedy CD and MP3 Album
Comedy Central 2011

Marc Maron’s fourth stand-up comedy CD and first on the Comedy Central label features a slightly less neurotic and caustic comic. Fear not, Maron is still just as funny and as interesting to listen to. There is a little of everything on This Has To Be Funny from a cat story to a dissection of the Creation Museum. This Has To Be Funny IS Funny. MP3 album at Amazon

The longest routine on this CD is The Creation Museum. What makes it work is Maron doesn’t go after the obvious targets but more subtle things like the prophets “couldn’t look more Jewy”. His description of the various exhibits is sanspareil.

The stand-up is still neurotic which gives great bits like A Situation In My Head but also has normal experiences such as a septic tank overflowing. He of course cannot but look for a greater meaning, adroitly sidesteps it, and calls on the rooter guy. This is a superb long-form story.

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Other routines on this stand-up comedy CD are more relationship based. Some feature Maron’s usually dark tone but a few like Working Out Their Daddy Issues are also slightly over the top silly.

This Has To Be Funny is a solid release that should bring Marc Maron the audience he has long deserved.

Go to Maron's website to catch his podcast.

Richard Lanoie

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