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Comedy Reviews - CD - Wyatt Cenac - Comedy Person

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Amazon page

Comedy Person
Wyatt Cenac
Stand-up Comedy CD
Comedy Central Records 2011

What most impresses about Wyatt Cenac’s stand-up comedy CD is how smoothly everything flows. There is even an elegance to this almost clean laid back comedian. This is if you skip the moronic Introduction track (which you really should not get if you are getting the MP3 album version of Comedy Person). This is the comic’s first Comedy Central Records release and certainly not his last.

Included on our 2011 top ten CD list

Wyatt Cenac is a pop culture commentator comic. He opens with a solid long bit about comic books and TV. TV is an easy laughs topic but Cenac goes beyond the usual surface stuff and nails book snobs while doing it. Also fodder for the comic’s commentary is internet video and how people prefer pointless stuff to real information.

Also funny on this CD are High School Reunion and its snaps competition, the Westminster Dog Show and a viciously accurate and funny slam on PETA. His explanation for how the Tea Party came about is hislarious.

Cenac is sometimes deceptive in how good he is. His too short bit about what things looked like when he was a baby is superb. He is also subtle but on point when it comes to racial equality.

Comedy Person gets a little raunchy in the last two tracks. I am not convinced this fits well with the rest of this stand-up comedy CD. Not that it isn’t funny.

Wyatt Cenac Comedy Person is always going to sound good.

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