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Foreign Comedy - Australia - Brand New Day Blu-ray aka Bran Nue Dae

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Amazon page

Brand New Day Bran Nue Dae Blu-ray
Geoffrey Rush, Jessica Mauboy, Rocky McKenzie
Directed by Rachel Perkins
Australia 2009
Fox Home Entertainment 2011
85 minutes

If you enjoy musical comedies you are going to love Brand New Day aka Bran Nue Dae. Even if you do not it is still an good movie. Director Rachel Perkins knows how to visually and stylistically please the viewer without ever taking away from the story itself. The tunes are toe-tapping good, the artists are excellent, and the movie has a joy that is contagious. This comedy is from Australia so you know it is going to be a little weird.

Set in 1969 Australia, Brand New Day is the story of Willie, an Aborigine mama’s boy destined to be a priest and help his people. The problem is Willie is in love with childhood friend Rosie and she shares his feelings though wishes he would do something about them. After a vacation, Willie returns to the mission run by Father, realizes the priesthood is not for him, and runs away.

Brand New Day becomes a road movie with the usual odd encounters and adventures but with musical numbers to boot.

Some of the songs and numbers in this foreign comedy musical are simply superb. My favorite is this: There’s nothing I would rather be / Than to be an Aborigine / And watch you take my precious land away / For nothing gives me greater joy / than to watch you fill each girl and boy / with superficial existential sh!t.

The finale is over the top but, hey, why not?

There are unfortunately no special features of any kind for Brand New Day Blu-ray

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