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Articles - Cocktales - The Comedy Network Premieres Sept 23

Cocktales - The Comedy Network Premieres Sept 23
The Comedy Network
Premieres September 23 10 p.m.

Cocktales is another Comedy Network show aimed at those who shave above the neck. It is quite original but it left me cold. Then again, I am not the target demographic for it.  This 10 half-hour episode series premieres Friday September 23 at 10 p.m.

A bunch of guys, different ones in each episode sit around a poker table and shoot the shit. They are from every walk of life but always between 22 and 35. It would seem the guys imbibed quite a bit during the taping as a couple do not seem to feel much pain.

Stories in the opening episode include going to a cockfight, the adventures of a video club clerk, a story about a rub and tug, a frat boy initiation night involving a stripper, another rub and tug, a 6’5” stripper, and a guy with a supersoaker and a mission.

The stories and their tellers are uneven. One thing that works is that none of these tales, tall or not, run long so there are a lot of different stories in each Cocktale.

If you are a male between 16 and thirty something, this show is probably going to amuse you. Otherwise, pass.

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