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Comedy Reviews - CD - Tommy Ryman - Bath Time With Tommy Ryman

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Bath Time With Tommy Ryman
Tommy Ryman
Stand-up Comedy CD and MP3 album
Stand Up! Records 2011

Tommy Ryman is a funny stand-up comic whose easy listening material makes for a very enjoyable experience. Not all stand-up has to be political or profound social commentary. Bath Time With Tommy Ryman, Ryman’s first stand-up comedy  CD features a series of short routines about ordinary stuff. The end result is a solid, enjoyable set that is still funny after a few listenings.

Bath Time With Tommy Ryman opens with a bit about living in Minnesota and how cold it is. Normally this is standard fodder but Ryman’s twist of making it into being in an abusive relationship and his Campbell’s soup twist make it original.

Ryman also has some less standard material like Divorce and Lesbians, a seemingly biographical bit about his parents divorcing because his mother was gay. Ryman somehow makes it sounds like any comic childhood experience.

Bath Time does have a couple of more adult bits. The title track is one of these. The dating bit where Ryman gets dumped at the zoo or does not quite get the meaning of role playing is another.

Less impressive on CD is the closer, Carmina Burrito. It depends too much on the visual element to work and makes Tommy Ryman Bath Time close on a very weak note. Especially since the penultimate track does not measure up to the rest of this stand-up comedy CD.

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