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Comedy Reviews - CD - Katie Goodman - I Didn t F*ck It Up

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I Didnít F*ck It Up
Katie Goodman
Music Comedy MP3 and CD
Independent Release 2011

I Didn’t Fuck It Up is an excellent music comedy CD. Katie Goodman has the chops both musically and lyrically to create very funny and easy to get into tunes. This music comedy MP3 and CD is a mix of various recordings done in various locations so although the sound is generally excellent and the production values obvious, there are a couple of tunes where it is somewhat less so. Not that it takes away from how easy to enjoy this CD is.

This release begins with the title track performed live in front of a more than willing to get into it and sing along audience. I listened to I Didn’t Fuck It Up in the car a few times and, yeah, I sang along to.

Also very enjoyable are Glenn Beck is Batshit Crazy, the Grease-like Saving My Hymen For Jesus,

I am more old school musically so I didn’t get into the the hip hop Baby Your Forty or Soccer Mom Ho.

The limitations of this music comedy CD are clear on These Are The Things I Can’t F*cking Remember: the sound  is a little distant and the piano really muffled.

Katie Goodman really shows off her voice on the La Donna Mobile inspired Let’s Not Be Divisive

It is probably just me but I sometimes got the feeling Katie Goodman played her piano one bar or octave, whatever you call it, too low. Not that I know anything about music.

One thing for sure, Katie Goodman didn’t fuck it up when it comes to this CD.

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