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Articles - Comedy on FX Canada - Launching October 31st

Comedy on FX Canada - Launching October 31st

The comedy line-up on the new FX Canada is pretty decent indeed.

Starting October 31st situation comedy fans will be able to watch Wilfred Wednesdays at 10:00 and Fridays and Saturdays at 9:00. This is a new comedy about the depressed suicidal Ryan (Elijah Wood of Lord of the Rings) who takes in a dog named Wilfred. Wilfred is a grown man in a grey dog costume. The humor here is on the comically dark side. For example Ryan writes four drafts of his suicide note, blends lots of healthy stuff into his drug cocktail suicide smoothie, and so on.

Wilfred is followed by The League.  FX Canada begins with season one Thursdays at 10:30 and Fridays and Sundays at 9:30. This is a decent sitcom about a bunch of friends involved in a very competitive fantasy football league. It stars comedian Nick Kroll and Canadian Jonathan Lajoie.

Also part of the line-up is the very successful How I Met Your Mother and Ed’s Up (Mondays to Sundays 7:30 a.m.) starring Ed Robertson of The Barenaked Ladies. Robertson goes around the country doing various strange and odd jobs.

Like any new channel, FX Canada has lots of movies. These will include comedies like There’s Something About Mary but there seems to be a preference for action flicks.

This network is action and drama oriented but it is also good for a few laughs.

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