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Comedy Reviews - CD - Pete Holmes - Impregnated With Wonder

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Impregnated With Wonder
Peter Holmes
Stand-up Comedy MP3 Album
Comedy Central Records 2011

The first thing you notice listening to this stand-up comedy MP3 album is there is not a hack bit anywhere on it. Impregnated With Wonder by Pete Holmes is just about perfect Its few negative points (the occasional screaming or milking a laugh to its last drop) are a matter of this reviewer’s personal taste. Pete Holmes has an odd take on things you can easily relate to. If you are looking for clean comedy that is also sugar free, Impregnated With Wonder is an excellent choice. Why this is not available on CD is one of those Comedy Central Records decisions I never get.

Included on our top 10 list for 2011

Of the many excellent routines on Pete Holmes MP3 are Killer in the Back Seat, Magic Sounds where the comic looks at why we pay to see a magic show just to prove to ourselves it is not real magic, Non Fiction, and Sven Diagram.

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Many of the other bits on this stand-up comedy album are related to our irrational fondness for social tools like Facebook, youTube, and Google.

The only really weak moment on Impregnated With Wonder is yet another bit about why the KKK can’t spell correctly.

Impregnated With Wonder by Peter Holmes may make it on our Top 10 comedy CD Mp3 list for 2011 somewhere around 9 or 10.

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