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Articles - Saturday Night Stand-Up January 2012 The Comedy Network

Saturday Night Stand-Up January 2012 The Comedy Network
Comedy Network Stand-up January 2012
Robin Williams, George Carlin
John Pinette, Debra Di Giovanni
Saturdays 9 p.m.

The January line-up for Saturday Night Stand-Up on The Comedy Network is interesting.

Robin Williams Weapons of Self Destruction airs on the 7th at 9 p.m. This is a disappointing outing where the comic does weak topical and political material that goes back to Clinton and Bush 1st jokes and bits about fake ailments, his heart surgery, and other stuff. You know you are in trouble when he does amateur open-mic night material like the “difference between a hurricane and a divorce lawyer? Both take your trailer home”.

Much, much better is Jammin’ in New York, George Carlin’s 1992 HBO special. It opens with Rockets and Penises in the Persian Gulf, a bit about the first Gulf war that still sounds relevant twenty years later. Little Things We Share is an excellent stand-up routine. Also good are Golf Courses for the Homeless and the nihilistic The Planet Is Fine. It airs on January 14th.

The highlight for me is John Pinette Still Hungry which airs January 21st. This is in part because I love Pinette and in part because Still Hungry is a 2011 performance. The comic mines familiar ground with stand-up about food and diets but also explores new topics like coupons. Two superb bits are the one about Cake Boss where Pinette does a scene from The Godfather where the family separates the cake territory and the routine about extended warranties. Both are timeless.

Debra Di Giovanni Single, Awkward, Female airs January 28th. Di Giovanni does airline, being on the road, pot smoking and eye doctor, cougar, exercising and dieting material, being single, and being a cat owner. It’s a good but not particularly memorable show.

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