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Articles - Good Vibes Premieres 02-10-12 The Comedy Network

Good Vibes Premieres 02-10-12 The Comedy Network
Good Vibes
Mondo Branda, Babs Branda, Woodie, Jena Wadska
The Comedy Network
Fridays 10:30 starting Feb 10th 2012

The MTV cartoon sitcom Good Vibes premieres Friday February 10th at 10:30. In a TV world saturated with animated comedies, Good Vibes stands out from the pack. Yes, there is adult language and situations but the characters do learn from their mistakes and grow.

Good Vibes is the story of Mondo Branda, a fifteen year-old Jersey boy. He and his single mom Babs move to Playa Del Toro in southern California to start anew.

The pilot episode has Mondo meeting Woodie, a surfer kid who will become his best friend. He also falls in love with the lovely Jena Wadsak whose boyfriend is the beach bully.  The boys get advice from a stoner living in a van off the beach.  

The characters in Good Vibes are immediately well defined and likeable. The sense of humor though adult is mildly so (for example Babs used to be a hooker i.e. someone who gives the hook to stage performers and used to polish the pole i.e. cleaned the pole at fire stations). Unusual for a cartoon comedy is there are consequences to Mondo’s actions and he does learn a few lessons.

The second episode has Mondo reestablishing Spring Break at Playa Del Toro when he figures out the no drinking on the beach does not apply once you are in the water. There is a very good jab at how booze companies have taken over the entire Spring Break phenom.

Season One of Good Vibes begins Friday February 10th at 10:30 on The Comedy Network.

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