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Funny Books - Nathan Timmel - I Was A White Knight ... Once

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I Was A White Knight Once
Nathan Timmel
Vanity Press 2011

Each of us has a story to tell. It doesn’t mean it is especially interesting and needs to be told. This is the case for comic Nathan Timmel’s autobiography I Was a White Knight Once. Timmel’s story is that of a middle class turbulent home make do kid who becomes a stand-up comic. A lot of comics come from middle class turbulent homes and learned to make do. They all discovered Carlin and Pryor.

Though subtitled An Uncommon Memoir there is little uncommon in this book. The author grew up and went to school and hung with the ordinary kids. He went to college and had a few adventures but nothing special.

Timmel has a couple of chapters on being a comic for the troops overseas. Again, nothing that has not been written about before.

It is well-written.

Spoiler alert: He meets a nice girl and gets married.

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