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Foreign Comedy - England - Getting It Right - MGM Limited Edition Collection

England - Getting It Right - MGM Limited Edition Collection

Jesse Birdsall, Helena Bonham Carter, Jane Horrocks
Directed by Randall KLeiser
England 1989 Widescreen
MGM Limited Edition 2012
102 minutes

Getting It Right is one of the more mainstream comedies in the MGM Limited Edition collection of on demand DVD. Not to worry though, this 1989 British comedy respects what seem to be the criteria for this collection: very odd. It is also quite fun.

Gavin Lamb (Birdsall) is 31, a straight hairdresser, and a virgin still living with Mum and Dad. A pal brings him to a party where he meets Joan (Lynn Redgrave) and Lady Minerva Munday (Bonham Carter). Lady Minerva is quite mad and takes a shine to Gavin. Also in the picture in this strange coming-of-age at 31 romantic comedy is Jenny (Jane Horrocks).

Getting It Right suffers from the much too subdued performance by Jesse Birdsall. Yes, he is a prig but it does not mean Gavin has to be so lifeless. This affects the performances of the other actors who seem to be holding back so the Gavin character appears somewhat lifelike.

Gavin’s mother (Pat Heywood) almost steals the movie. You start looking forward to what else she has cooked up for supper. Look for Peter Cook and Sir John Gielgud in supporting roles.

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