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Articles - Only In America with Larry the Cable Guy - The Comedy Network March 2012

Only In America with Larry the Cable Guy - The Comedy Network March 2012
Only In America
Larry the Cable Guy
The Comedy Network
Mondays 10 p.m.

National Geographic meets Blue Collar Comedy in Only In America with Larry the Cable Guy. This very informational and well made hour long comic travelogue has Larry the Cable Guy presenting little known aspects of daily American life. This is an extremely enjoyable show with the comedian’s down home brand of humor is toned down a bit to make room for the smart stuff. The show airs Mondays at 10 p.m. on The Comedy Network and is also available on the network’s website after airing.

March 5th is Larry the Amish episode where the Cable Guy spends some time with the Amish, rides along on a beer truck making deliveries (bet he drinks a few?), and joining the Art Car parade in Houston. An art car is very oddly decorated (think giant flower or all plaid) car. The Amish segment is the weakest of the March episodes.

On March 12th the comic goes to a cattle auction and gets shoulder deep into Bessie. This allows him to crack a few jokes about his sister, his cousin, and his prom date. He also spends some time with some boy scouts, and goes to New York City to spend time with longshoremen. This segment is really interesting and you do learn a lot. The show ends with a segment on boy scouts.

In the Larry Cuts the Cheese episode March 19th the opening segment is the best one. The comedian visits the Nimitz where he helps catch and launch F-18s. After a segment on Wisconsin and its cheese Larry goes to Kansas City to meet the original Secret Santa and make a few people happy. This last segment is really touching.

The March 26th episode of Only in America with Larry the Cable Guy has Larry doing Fred Flintstone in a quarry and a segment on greyhounds.

Also in March on The Comedy Network are Russell Peters the Green Card Tour on March 10th, Jeff Dunham Spark of Insanity on the 17th, Jeff Dunham Controlled Chaos on the 24th, and Chris Rock Kill the Messenger on the 31st. The network’s website has all the other information you need.

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