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Comedy Reviews - CD - Drew Landry - Attention Whore

Attention Whore
Available at comic's website
Attention Whore
Drew Landry
Stand-up Comedy MP3 Album

The first thing you need to know going into this review is that Drew Landry is just 17 years old.  He’s an indie comic working primarily out of his home town of Baltimore, Maryland, and has been working on his act for about 4 years.

Landry released a short (approximately 18 minute) album, consisting of nine tracks, seemingly self-recorded at various shows and pieced together on his computer.  Candidly, the audio quality of the recording is pretty lousy.  In some spots, the noise from the audience and/or the service staff taking food and drink orders overpowers Landry’s performance, making it almost impossible to hear.  That having been said, the album is released for free as a download directly from Landry’s site, so audio quality perfection is not to be expected.

As for his act, Landry has a pretty unique way of looking at the world, and has managed to find a pretty unique voice.  If I were to compare Landry to another comic, I would say that his delivery is somewhat similar to that of Anthony Jeselnik, primarily in the way that both Jeselnik and Landry enunciate words very clearly and have a deliberate way of speaking.  

Despite his age, he has some pretty grown-up material.  He has bits about relationships, homophobia and religion.  One bit I particularly liked is one about dealing with a heckler who shouts out “EVERY DAY!!” during his act, which then leads into bit about whether people would have heckled Adolf Hitler.  While not every bit is honed to perfection, there is enough to know that Landry has a place in the future of the art.

It will be interesting to see the development of Landry’s act, and I’m looking forward to the day when I can sit back and listen to a full-length, studio quality recording by this performer.

Brett Watson

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