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Comedy Movies - Mom Reviewed - Happy Feet Two

Mom Reviewed - Happy Feet Two

Happy Feet Two
Warner Home Video 2012
100 minutes

Happy Feet Two is the story of Erik, a young Emperor penguin trying to find his place among his singing and dancing tribe. Erik is a clumsy dancer and when the others laugh at him, he decides to run away. While away from his tribe, he meets Sven the flying penguin who embraces his uniqueness and Erik is immediately captivated by Sven and his motto “if you will it, it will be yours”. When Emperor land and the tribe are trapped by large icebergs and unable to get fish, Erik and his father, who had gone after him to bring him home, are the tribe’s only hope for survival. Father and son are at odds during this part of the adventure as they encounter other obstacles while trying to get their tribe out of danger. They finally band together and with Sven’s help, they succeed in saving Emperor land.

I hadn’t seen the first of the Happy Feet movies so I can’t compare the two, but rarely does an animated sequel outshine its predecessor and I would guess that this is the case here. I found the movie to be a little long and a little scattered with respect to the different story lines. The main story was nothing to write home about: classic parenting issues intertwined with a child’s desire to fit in. I did enjoy the beautiful Antarctic scenery though and its array of inhabitants. Surprisingly, my kids enjoyed it too—I believe the unique nature setting piqued their curiosity. The music was also a hit with everyone, and I truly enjoyed the cast of voices so much so that my kids got annoyed with me whenever I recognized a character’s voice! Finally, between commenting on the voices and songs, and answering questions about the arctic, we chatted through the whole movie....and for once, no one really minded.

Audrey Blair

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