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Articles - Best Friends Forever - Premieres April 4th 8:30 CTV TWO

Best Friends Forever - Premieres April 4th 8:30 CTV TWO
Best Friends Forever
Lennon Parham, Jessica St.Clair, Luka Jones
Premieres April 4th 8:30

If the pilot episode is any indication Best Friends Forever is not best nor will it last forever. The premise for this soon to be short-lived situation comedy is after getting her divorce papers Jessica moves back to NYC and crashes with her best girlfriend Lennon and Lennon’s boyfriend. Lennon’s boyfriend, who is your typical clueless TV male, has to adapt to the situation. This situation comedy premieres April 4th 2012 at 8:30 on CTV Two following the very funny Betty White's Off Their Rockers

It is almost immediately clear this show is doomed to fail. The first joke is about shaving “down there” and the second is how Jessica’s ex is an a-hole because he sent the divorce papers ground instead of express mail. Later on the encounter with the Black kid is so beyond forced and artificial even the actors can’t deliver their lines convincingly.

Aside from the fact there is something immediately and then consistently unlikeable about Jessica, Best Friends Forever does not give the audience the chance to discover anything about the two women’s friendship and is instead asked to immediately understand all the back story that has not been presented or even hinted at. This is especially obvious with “Lazy Sunday” something Jessica and Lennon used to do and is a big deal though who the hell knows why that is.

Best Friends Forever is the kind of sitcom that sounded good when it was pitched but should never have been swung at.

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