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Comedy Movies - Aunt Agatha's Apartment

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Aunt Agatha's Apartment
Unlocked Edition
Originally released as Rent Control
Melissa Joan Hart, Andrew Kavovit, Ryan Browning
Carmen Electra, Don Novello
Written and directed by David Eric Brenner
kaBOOM! Entertainment 2006
95 minutes

Aunt Agatha's Apartment (aka Rent Control) is a funny, death defying, romantic comedy movie that definitely entertains. Writer director David Eric Brenner has taken what, if you read the rather long synopsis blurb on this comedy DVD, sounds like a rather predictable, mundane plot and made an interesting, unpredictable, and very charming little movie that is not destined to be a classic of the genre but is going to be one of those movies you tell your friends about in the, "I saw this funny little movie this weekend, you'd like it." kind of thing.

Aunt Agatha's Apartment works because David Eric Brenner always sets you up to think you know what is coming next and then nudges his plot in another, better direction. Two young and hopeful actors, Holly and Calvin (Ryan Browning) move into Holly's Aunt Agatha's NYC apartment for the time it will take to find an apartment of their own in the city. This proves to be quite difficult. When Aunt Agatha passes away, the young couple, with the help of elevator guy Denis (Andrew Kavovit), get rid of the body so they will be able to keep Agatha's rent-controlled digs. This is where Don Novello (of Father Guido Sarducci fame) comes into play for a few Weekend At Bernie's mixed with a Reba Schappell-the cojoined twin slash country singer-- moments. Carmen Electra plays Melissa Joan Hart's neighbor. These are the basics of this fun little comedy DVD movie that never quite goes where you think it is going to go.

Aunt Agatha's Apartment also works because though Melissa Joan Hart and Carmen Electra do not stretch any acting muscles here, Hart makes Holly, a fresh from Iowa wannabe New York actress, an interesting character whose conniving and big city ways starts to worry boyfriend Calvin. Electra, as Agatha's, Holly's, Agatha's next-door neighbor and now hip big city girl, also does a good job.

There are a lot of short, funny slapstick scenes in here reminiscent of some comedies from the good ol' days, a few bits of physical comedy that will make you laugh, and some darker but just as funny bits that will keep you interested in a movie originally titled Rent Control but whose title was changed to Aunt Agatha's Apartment because few people outside NYC know what rent control means.

Stick around for the credits, they too are entertaining.

The one thing I absolutely hated here is the Toyota commercial that is foisted on the viewer before the program selection becomes available. Since when does a customer have to pay for a bloody commercial?

Aunt Agatha's Apartment is a fun little comedy DVD

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