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TV & sitcom DVDs - Bob's Burgers The Complete First Season

Bob's Burgers The Complete First Season

Bob Belcher, Linda Belcher, Gene Belcher
13 episodes 2 DVD
Fox Home Entertainment 2012

Bob’s Burgers are really hard to digest.  This is a bad cartoon situation comedy about a family that owns a burger joint. None of the season one episodes manage to keep a viewer interested for all twenty-two minutes. In fact, shows seem to be a race to how quickly the premise can be milked dry. Bob’s Burgers The Complete First Season features 13 episodes on 2 DVD. Don’t let the cover fool you: this is not family friendly fare.

Bob and Tina Belcher are middle class parents with three weird kids. Bob owns and runs a mildly unsuccessful burger joint where the family hangs out and works. Oldest daughter Tina is most insecure and going through puberty, son Gene is the restaurant mascot, a musician, and very much likes using a megaphone, youngest daughter Tina, whose high pitched screech of a voice is most annoying, wears rabbit ears all the time, yells a lot, and has a dark sense of humor.

There’s usually a funny moment or two in Bob’s Burgers but no more. This explains why one-shot jokes get repeated up to seven times. Some of the story ideas were good (Linda opens a dinner-theater inside the restaurant or tries to turn the family apartment into a B & B) but the writing just is not there.

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