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Comedy Reviews - CD - Casey Corbin - Vampires Are Popular

Vampires Are Popular

Vampires Are Popular
Casey Corbin
Comedy MP3 Album
Independent Release 2012

Casey Corbin is an excellent stand-up comic. His first comedy mp3 album Vampires Are Popular is very enjoyable. Though the opening tracks and a couple of others are more suited to a Canadian audience, Corbin manages to make the material cross over. The rest is solid aside from the Improv track whose point I still fail to see. My one caveat, and a personal hobby horse, is the fluctuating sound level and the popping mic.

Corbin opens with a couple of Toronto bits (Leafs suck!). Even if you are not familiar with the city the jokes still work. This segues into a routine about riddles and dumb questions.

Corbin follows this by a story about having his birthday on Halloween. It’s good but I kept thinking he could have done more with it.

This comic’s Ikea bit is original and funny but the sound level problem takes away from fully enjoying it. The Book is a series of very short observation bits and one-liners. There is also a bit on infomercials.

The closer is about a Jesus coin someone gave Corbin.

This self-release comedy mp3 album includes a bonus track on the change from MySpace to Facebook and trying to keep up with social sites.

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