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Foreign Comedy - Queen of Hearts - La reine des pommes

Queen of Hearts - La reine des pommes

Written and Directed by
Valerie Donzelli
France 2010
Film Movement 2012 84 minutes

Queen of Hearts (La reine des pommes) is a superb, funny, quirky, original, odd, and charming French romantic comedy directed by and starring Valerie Donzelli. I’ve always been a Film Movement fan and they have released quite a few great foreign film comedies but this one has to be their best release yet.
Donzelli plays the recently dumped and very despondent Adele. She crashes at a cousin’s but the cousin cannot stand the idea of someone in her house when she is not there so Adele is brought to the park every morning and placed under the care of art student Pierre.

She slowly mends her broken heart with a married man, a stranger encountered in the park who has her play sexual games, and a student (all played by Jeremie Elkaim).

There’s a lot to like in this romantic comedy. Adele has a Weekend at Bernie’s moment, bursts into a melancholic song or a song and dance about her lost love,

The writing is also excellent --my favorite exchange is “He hasn’t called!” / “You don’t have a phone!”  Unlike too many French movies, this romantic comedy does not drown in verbose scenes about nothing or indulge in navel-gazing episodes.

Queen of Hearts is a fun and very entertaining foreign film comedy.

The short that accompanies this DVD is Luis and Maria Work Together. I failed to see the point but it is fun.

Fans of foreign cinema that is off the beaten path would do well to check out the Film Movement website Most of their selections are very good or better.

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