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Articles - Total Blackout - Begins May 29th 10:30 The Comedy Network

Total Blackout - Begins May 29th 10:30 The Comedy Network

You really really really have to watch Total Blackout, a new show on The Comedy Network.  Total Blackout is original and a hell of a lot of fun to watch.  The show opens with four contestants vying for a grand prize of $5,000 (that's even less than what contestants can get on a Canadian game show but I digress). To earn the five thousand dollars contestants have to accomplish various Fear Factor-ish tasks in a totally blacked out room. That is where the fun begins. The show itself begins Tuesday May 29th at 10:30.

Because of the totally blacked out room, part of Total Blackout is in black and white surveillance camera. Each contestant is sent into a dark room and has to identify 4 different things using only their sense of touch, smell, or taste. In the pilot some of the objects were cockroaches, a sweaty armpit, and a cherry placed in someone's belly button.

 Because they cannot see anything and are limited to only one sense, the contestant`s imagination goes wild. This is where the fun begins for the viewer. If you ever wanted to see someone totally freaking out over a pineapple, you'll see it in the first episode

Each round eliminates one contestant. The contestants find out who lost by stepping on a trapdoor. If the trapdoor opens, you are gone, literally.

Unlike some of the stunts in Fear Factor, none of the tasks here are demeaning, etc. This makes this show that much more fun.

Total Blackout premieres Tuesday May 29th at 10:30 on The Comedy Network.  If there is a local blackout you can catch the show on The Comedy Network website.

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