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Comedy Reviews - CD - Gary Gulman - No Can Defend - MP3 Album - Joe Schneider review

No Can Defend - MP3 Album - Joe Schneider  review
Comedy Mp3 Album
Comedy Central Records 2012

Gary Gulman got his big break appearing on the second season of the reality show Last Comic Standing.  During the competition, he showed he had the potential to be a very entertaining headliner with his light, but amusing brand of humor.  Despite his third-place finish, Gulman has only had moderate success and popularity in the eight years since LCS.  However, this stand-up comedy mp3 album may be sending him back in the right direction.

 Gulman starts off very strong with his first track JCC Hoop Star where he uses some Jewish self-deprecating humor to make fun of his 12-and-under basketball league having a collapsible rim.  From there, his set delves into a blend of 90’s nostalgia and making fun of typing symbols.  These jokes are simple, hilarious, and very relatable (particularly for those who were raised in the 90’s).  

The peak of this album is in the middle when Gulman spends four tracks making jokes about movies, particularly Wizard of Oz, The Karate Kid, and Netflix vs. Blockbuster.  Almost everything he says on these on these subjects will make you laugh, save for one strangely dark portion about dolphins.  

After that, the album slows down a bit for a few tracks where Gulman has some under-developed material about things like saving money and bottled water before his last track, Role Playing, recounts an extensively detailed role-playing scenario between him and his girlfriend.  This is his only long-form joke of his set, and shows that he should try to do it a bit more, because it just worked so well, and was a great conclusion to the album.    

Gulman has an incredibly likable stage persona; he seems like the kind of guy you want to be friends with and invite over to have some laughs.  That kind of personality doesn’t always transfer over to stand-up too well, but for him, it certainly does.  No Can Defend isn’t chock-full of ground-breaking or thought-provoking material, but it is still very entertaining and full of laughs. 

Joe Schneider

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