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Comedy Movies - Bigfoot - The Space Channel June 30th at 9 PM

Bigfoot - The Space Channel June 30th at 9 PM

Danny Partridge and Greg Brady are rivals in the made-for-TV movie Bigfoot. This wonderfully atrocious low-budget epic airs June 30th at 9 PM on the Space Channel and should air a few more times after that. If you are at all familiar with the seventies, you owe it to yourself to catch Bigfoot at least once. I can't remember the last time I had so much fun watching a bad movie.

Danny Bonaduce plays a Deadwood, South Dakota DJ who is organizing an 80s revival fest. This means building a stage and he needs to clear some woodland to do that. This wakes up a twenty-five foot tall Bigfoot with a propensity for stepping all over people and crunching their heads off. This Bigfoot can outrun a car but can barely catch up with a single woman paddling an inflatable boat.

Barry Williams plays the environmentalist who goes against the DJ and tries to save Bigfoot. You almost immediately see why Williams is a fixture of the silver screen. Howard Hesseman of WKRP fame plays the mayor while Sherilyn Fenn plans a sheriff. Alice Cooper is typecast as Alice Cooper, the second scariest thing at the 80s revival.

Bigfoot is so low budget it can't decide if it is winter, summer, or late spring during the same scene. Special effects are just slightly worse that Barry Williams' acting skills.

There are so many obvious mistakes and cheap effects in Bigfoot they become part of the fun.

Move over Plan 9 from Outer Space, Bigfoot is coming June 30th at 9 on the Space Channel.

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