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Comedy Reviews - CD - Matt Braunger - Shovel Fighter

Shovel Fighter

Stand-up comedy MP3 album
Comedy Central Records 2012

Shovel Fighter by Matt Braunger is a very good stand-up comedy MP3 album. Braunger is a very personable, easy-going comic so the audience is more than willing to go along with his biographical style stories. The comic brings something new to his topics including bachelorette parties and drinking hangovers.

There are a couple of especially funny bits here. One is The Sound, about the warning “gulp” people do before they upchuck. Another is Clown Pub Crawl, a routine I really wish had been a bit longer. Being a factoid fan, I also liked The Real Big Boy.

Matt Braunger has an ear for the surreal. This is most evident on Panda Butler, his take on The Secret, and the title track, Shovel Fighter, about a very weird dream, and another personal favorite A Ghost at the Two Man Party.

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Shovel Fighter is Braunger's second stand-up comedy release on Comedy Central records and is also available as a DVD.

For those who care, Braunger does not work perfectly clean but his use of blue language is far from noticeable.

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