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Live Comedy - Mike Ward - Pedophile jokes and death threats

The easily offended would be wise to steer clear of Mike Ward's show Pedophile Jokes and Death Threats. The name of the show says it all really and any comedy goer who knows their own limits, or lack thereof, will know by the name of the show whether or not they can handle it. 

The Katacombes is an intimate venue with excellent sound, comfortably spaced seating on fold out chairs and a solid, inconspicuous wait staff Lighting is good and it is impossible to have a poor seat unless someone of truly mammoth or giraffe like proportions seats themselves in front of you. 

Ward started on time and launched straight into his show without absolute confidence. For English audiences Ward is a relatively little known commodity. Ward is a well known comedian in French community where he has a reputation for going too far with his jokes (a reputation he talks about in his act). Ward's strength is also his weakness. A comic who is clearly used to working live and on stage he has a frenetic act that frequently seems, and perhaps is, unscripted. On the flip side he seems to pull himself back on script in ways that are like verbal jump cuts without so much as a "now where was I?"

Mike Ward's show was funny and enjoyable and while the material is polished and well executed it is not quite the same as the traditional American stand-up set approach. Ward wanders and comes up with amazing call backs and great punchlines. From start to finish he delivers a strong performance and hearty laughs and is definitely worth the nineteen dollar price of admission for the 7:30 show nightly at the Katacombes until July 28, 2012

Denis Bernicky

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