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Articles - Mike Ward - Pedophile Jokes and Death Threats - Zoofest 2012

Pedophile Jokes and Death Threats - Zoofest 2012
Pedophile Jokes and Death Threats
Mike Ward
Zoofest 2012
July 20th to 28th

Quebec comic Mike Ward crosses over to the English market with Pedophile Jokes and Death Threats. Zoofest specializes in the unusual, more risky, one-man or one-woman stand-up comedy and it is often a final laboratory for a work in progress.

Mike Ward gives a solid show and you will not be dissapointed. This said, Pedophile Jokes and Death Threats is more a collage of bits than a fully formed one-man show.Ward opens his show by explaining the title, saying you can't be offended by something if you choose to go to a stand-up comedy show with Pedophile Jokes in the title. True enough. It is also fair warning to the Just For Laughs / Zoofest audience as this is a 7:00 show, a usually tame time slot.

Ward is definitely an adult topic comic and though he swears, he certainly does not use f@ck liberally. The show is part long form stories and part short jokes.  Some of the material is certainly big stage worthy while other bits are more comedy club fare. It is clear Ward has been around for a while and his callbacks are masterful; his segues on the other hand ….

The few bits that are less effective are those where Ward has to give explain the local reference before moving on to the joke. First I think there were, unfortunately, not that many non-locals in the audience. Second if you have to explain the joke, it will not travel that well.

Mike Ward Pedophile Jokes and Death Threats runs until July 28th in the Zoofest version of Just For Laughs. You really want to check this and other Zoofest shows as they provide a great bang for your entertainment dollar.

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