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Live Comedy - Sam Simmons - About the Weather

Sam Simmons About The Weather

Sam Simmons’ “About the Weather” is an awkward, loud, sweaty hour of exploration into the life and mind of a perhaps more than slightly deranged salary man.

Simmons' jokes range from borderline prop-comedy, strange sudden musical numbers, and outbursts of improvised audience participation.The strangest thing about this odd trip is that it is completely successful. From the frantic yelling at his omniscient narrator (who speaks from his radio-alarm clock) to the erratic day dreams he acts out mid scene, Sam Simmons finds a way to make you laugh from end to end. The funniest parts, as hard as it is to pick just one, were the moments where Simmons and the narrator discuss the painfully obvious facts about Sam’s character. There are the obvious overweight and bald jokes to the more introspective jokes about his pet-peeves regarding the nuances of life.

The only drawback to the performance was the sound control especially the loud volume of Simmons' voice/yelling. It is impossible to be certain if it was part of the act or if it was a venue/technical issue with the relatively small Theatre Ste. Catherine being packed for this seven o'clock show. Simmons uses the small venue and packed in audience to his full advantage, sometimes using a member of the audience as an actual character in the story or even throwing some of his props at the audience. He even takes moments that should/could be seen as negatives; such as technical mishaps by the local crew with music/lights timing, or even one of his props not behaving exactly as planned, and plays them off with such improvised virtuosity that they amplify the chaotic beauty of the act. This is a show gets high marks and is a definite "go to" recommendation, especially to viewers who appreciate acted out plays/stories.

James Bernicky

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