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Just for Laughs Ethnic Show Montreal
This year’s Just for Laugh's Ethnic show “Ethnical Difficulties” is a brilliant, uproarious collection of very strong comedians who supply gut-busting laughter from beginning to end but why is it called the Ethnic show?

Last night's show at The Club Soda was hosted by Iranian comedian Moz Jobrani, whose jokes focus on Middle East stereotypes and strong audience interaction. In a nutshell he’s the Iranian Russell Peters, and that is of course a compliment. The first comic on stage was Philipino Ron Josol, whose set only had one issue; it was too short. It wasn't a short set it is that he was so brilliant that he should have stayed on all night - he was that funny. At this point the ethnic aspect of the Ethnic show was put on hold until the final act.

The weakest comic of the show came on right after Johnson, Italian, Frank Spadone. Frank Spadone wasn’t bad it is just that everyone else was funnier. Spadone's jokes weren’t all that ethnically based, and he focused more on the relationships between men and women.  If it had been a relationship show Spadone would have been well placed.

Following Spadone was Orny Adams who had a solid observational set which revolved around germs and how stupid people are. If you’re the type of person that believes germaphobes (mysophobia) to be morons, and that generally most people are morons, you will enjoy him very much. Adams was long on funny but short on ethnic humour.

After a quick intermission allowing the audience to fuel up on six dollar beers and twenty-five dollar pitchers of Sangria the lone female of the show the Latina Melissa Villasenor brought a nice change of pace with a low energy awkward bit centered around how strange her voice sounds. Villasenore used her voice talents for most of her bits, mimicking the voices of a few of popular singers such as Lady Gaga, which is much funnier than it sounds. In Villasenor's entire act she did manage to slip in one ethnic joke.

The show closed with Godfrey, who brought down the house and sent everyone home happy. Godfrey is one of the most gifted comedians I have seen in a long time. While other comedians had some great laughs, Godfrey had me gasping for air and holding onto my chair so I didn’t fall off. Even if you cannot get tickets to the ever popular Ethnic Show you have to find a way to see Godfrey - he really is worth the price of admission all by himself. The Ethnic Show is easily worth the price of admission but a little shorter on ethnic comedy than one might expect. The bookend acts of Ron Josol and Godfrey make up for the shortcomings on the ethnic humour front and provide the best laughs of the night.

James Bernicky

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