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Live Comedy - Jim Gaffigan - Montreal Just For Laughs Festival 2012

Jim Gaffigan live in Montreal at the Just for Laughs Festival

Competent is a perfectly good word and a perfectly good way to describe the Jim Gaffigan show at Montreal’s Theatre Maisonneuve . The seven thirty show got off the ground at seven forty with the pedestrian comic styling’s of Tom Shalhoub (sp?) which lead into the equally pedestrian Gaffigan who warmed up slowly but finally managed to get the audience to laugh by five after eight and then again by ten after. Gaffigan in not a high energy comic, lethargic is really the term that comes to mind though lazy may also be apt. The low key, low energy, low laughs evening did have some good moments like when he stopped talking about body wash. Another highlight was when he started talking about food. Whether it is poutine, hot pockets, bacon or Chinese food, Gaffigan’s long suit is food and his observations on food, food silliness and people and their relationship to food was the highlight of the night.

The long and the short of it though is that the price of admission could have been better spent at a smaller venue(s) or at a gala or multicomic show at the Club Soda. It may well have been an off night but it does not bode well for future engagements when a polite applause, unworthy of even a curtain call, brings back the performer for an encore which was the funniest part of the evening.

Denis Bernicky

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