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Live Comedy - Joey Elias - In My Head ... And OUt Of My Mind

In My Head ... And OUt Of My Mind
In My Head And Out of My Mind
JOey Elias
Zoofest July 23rd 2012

There's a reason I like to bring a guest to Just For Laughs or Zoofest shows: sometimes they know better. This was the case for the Joey Elias show In My Head And Out of My Mind, a one-night only performance part of Zoofest. I enjoyed the show but my guest aka the sister enjoyed it a lot more and she was right.

In My Head And Out of My Mind is a forty-five-minute stand-up show where Elias tells his story. It was clear early on he went off the page as the family pictures projected overhead were out of sync with the monologue. Elias tells his story from the first time he met a stranger and got part of his penis chopped off to his recent tours for the Canadian Armed Forces (where he missed a really good opportunity to slam the outdated equipment the soldiers get) and closing with his recent health and weight issues.

I found the material professional. Elias is a veteran and knows how to tell a story and a joke and control the stage. My guest really liked the show. She found Elias very personable and appreciated how he looked at and interacted with the audience. She liked the fact it features a modicum of foul language. She appreciated the fact she could easily relate to the comic and his stories. Basically, she liked Joey so she liked Joey Elias.

I was a bit curious at the outset as to what this show was about. Zoofest does not often have one-night only performances so I thought this might be a showcase for Elias to show off his one-man show to industry people. That is probably where I went wrong.

In My Head And Out of My Mind was Elias' gift of a more intimate performance for his many fans. Kudos for that. As a one-man show, it was a bit too off the cuff.

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