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Live Comedy - Jim Breuer - Mass Appeal - Zoofest 2012 - Just For Laughs

Mass Appeal - Zoofest 2012 - Just For Laughs
Mass Appeal
Jim Breuer
Zoofest 2012

Jim Breuer rocks! Not only because he does a great Ozzy, Angus Young (AC/DC) or all of Slayer.  Mass Appeal, part of Just For Laugh's Zoofest 2012 is a superb show.  You owe it to yourself to catch the remaining performances July 25th to 28th at Theatre Ste-Catherine.

Breuer, who is aware he looks stoned out of his gourd and uses it to his advantage, opens with a bit about how hard it is for parents to go out for an evening. This segues nicely into some biographical material about being a parent, having three daughters, he and his wife's differing approach to raising children, and going to Europe as a family.

Breuer also has a great 20 minutes or so on heavy metal where his physical comedy skill and his talent for imitations are really highlighted. Mass Appeal closes with the best “How I got into comedy” piece of stand-up I have seen.

Mass Appeal? Oh, yeah!

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