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Comedy Reviews - CD - Jim Hamilton - Poems About the Ocean

Poems About the Ocean

Stand-up MP3 and CD
aspecialthing records 2012

Poems About the Ocean by Jim Hamilton looks like it belongs in the New Age music section. That is more than unfortunate as this stand-up comedy MP3 and CD is an excellent collection of pithy one-liners that more often than not surprise and impress once you stop laughing. There are so many good jokes on this CD it is impossible not to steal a few to impress your friends.

Hamilton has amazing breadth so there is everything under the sun on Poems About the Ocean. From biographical and observational jokes to a couple of mild scatological bit. There is also a riddle, an invented factoid, a travel tip, and a couple of jokes from other countries. And that is just to name a few.

This comedy mp3 album is for those who like smart, original, and inventive stand-up. Poems About the Ocean is a keeper.

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