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Comedy Reviews - CD - John Conroy - White People Can Do Whatever They Want

White People Can Do Whatever They Want

Stand-up Comedy MP3 album
Delinquent Records 2012

White People Can Do Anything is an enjoyable first stand-up comedy mp3 album by John Conroy. Conroy is certainly a comic to keep track of. Though the album starts off weak with a bathroom reference, something the comic even acknowledges, the rest features good adult audience routines.

Conroy is a big guy so there are a few fat bits on this mp3 comedy album. These are quite original, especially the joke about “chubby chaser” being an oxymoron.

The album features the usual young comic topics like dead-end jobs, drinking, being broke, and so on. Conroy's take on these is original enough to keep you interested.  Conroy's political material is rather weak. He is much better at audience interaction.

One of the highlights of White People Can Do Anything is when Conroy redoes one of his bits from a woman's point of view.

One somewhat annoying thing about Conroy as a comic is his material is disorganized. Case in point is the bit about his father where the punchline comes as an afterthought much after the set up of him watering a plastic plant.

This release is clearly a first. This is not a strike against it, just something a buyer needs to know.

Sound quality being a hobby horse, I found the balance between the comic and the audience to be rather off so the audience feels like it is in another room.

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