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Articles - The Mindy Project - Citytv starting Sept 25th

The Mindy Project - Citytv starting Sept 25th
The Mindy Project
Premieres Sept 25th 2012 9:30

The Mindy Project is a romantic comedy style sitcom. Like any romcom, its main audience is clearly single women. It is funny and interesting so it should get a pretty decent crossover audience. One of the many cool things about The Mindy Project is there hasn't been and isn't a comedy quite like on prime time TV.

Mindy Kalling, who wrote and had a bit part in The Office, is the show's creator and star. Mindy is a freshly graduated Ob/Gyn who shares a practice with a hot British guy she occasionally hooks up with (Ed Weeks), another doctor who likes to steal her patients  (Chris Messina), and various other characters.

The Pilot episode indicates this is a well written show with quite a few good one-liners. Just about everything works here except for Mindy's tendency to speak a bit too fast and too low so you do not understand everything she is saying. It does not happen very often but it is noticeable.

The Mindy Project premieres in its regular time slot Tuesday September 25th at 9:30 on Citytv. Starting August 27th viewers will be able to watch this episode on the Citytv Website

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