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Comedy Reviews - CD - Jim Florentine - Awful Jokes From My First Comedy Notebook

Awful Jokes From My First Comedy Notebook

Awful Jokes. The title says it all. The one and only reason someone would buy this stand-up comedy CD is she is Florentine's mother. The cover is very clear: these are awful jokes from Florentine's first comedy notebook and there are more than 220 of them. The material is recorded in a studio and Florentine puts less enthusiasm reading the jokes than Dick Cheney puts in a smile or Snookie puts in a thought.

If you are familiar with Florentine's podcast, you are familiar with the concept. Florentine found the first book he started writing ideas for jokes in and reads parts of it on his podcast. In doses smaller than the Tea Party has compassion, it is interesting in a car crash on the other side of the road way.

Jim Florentine Awful Jokes is a gimmick CD, the equivalent of those one-shot funny song mash-up 45's from the seventies. This is the kind of thing very rich people buy just to prove they are very rich.

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