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Articles - Men At Work - The Comedy Network Premieres Monday Sept 10 10 p.m.

Men At Work - The Comedy Network Premieres Monday Sept 10 10 p.m.

The pilot episode of the situation comedy Men at Work airs Monday September 10th at  10 p.m. on the Comedy Network. The next nine episodes of season  1 will air on the following Mondays. Based on the pilot, this show has a lot of potential and is a welcome change from the usual situation comedy fodder available on TV. This show was recently renewed for a second season on TBS. It is followed by Sullivan & Son

Men At Work stars Danny Masterton (That 70's Show), Adam Busch (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), James Lesure (Half & Half) and James Hogan (of shows that never lasted more than a season) as four guys who work for the same weekly magazine.

This is  a buddy / workplace comedy that keeps things pretty light. The characters, all men in their late twenties in various relationships stages, are interesting though I found recently single Milo a bit over the top in the pilot.

Interestingly enough, the Comedy Network will air Sullivan & Son at 10:30. This is the show that took Men at Work's timeslot when season 1 was complete.

More information on Men at Work is available at

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