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Articles - Sullivan & Son - The Comedy Network Premieres Monday Sept. 10 at10:30

Sullivan & Son - The Comedy Network Premieres Monday Sept. 10 at10:30

Sullivan & Son follows Men at Work Mondays on the Comedy Network. This is a bit odd as this situation comedy is the show that replaced Men at Work after its first season. The pilot episode airs Monday September 10th at 10:30. It is a bit hard to get a good take on this show based on that one episode.

The problem with the pilot is it tries to do too much in 22-minutes. It introduces comic Steve Byrne as Steve, a successful NYC lawyer who goes to Pittsburgh for his dad's birthday at Sullivan & Son, the bar he owns. He is accompanied by his girlfriend of 8 months. Stuff happens and Steve ends up buying the family bar.  Exit girlfriend, enter childhood sweetheart.

The pilot episode not only sets up the show but tries to set up a half dozen characters vying to become regulars on the show. The most annoying one, barfly and floozie Carol, is unfortunately a character that will stay. Others are Owen, Carol's son and Steve's best friend, Steve's always jealous sister Susan, an old racist guy played by Brian Doyle Murray, and a guy called Ahmed played by stand-up comic Ahmed Ahmed.

Overall the pilot is interesting but it does not give a real idea what the show is going to be like.

I have reservations about it based on the scene where Carol propositions Steve in no uncertain terms even if she is his best friend's mother. This is a very unsavory moment and it is not done in any way appropriate for a situation comedy.

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