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Articles - Match Game - The Comedy Network Premieres Oct 15th 8 P.M.

Match Game - The Comedy Network Premieres Oct 15th 8 P.M.
Match Game
The Comedy Network
Mondays 8 P.M.
Premieres October 15th

Match Game returns! The Comedy Network will air six new shows starting Monday October 15th at 8 P.M.  The show is hosted by comic Darrin Rose and panelists include regulars  Debra DiGiovanni and Sean Cullen as well as other Canadian comedy names like Scott Thompson, Tom Green, Caroline Rhea and Americans such as Janeane Garofalo and D.L. Hughley. Based on the screener of the pilot episode, I hope the show gets more episodes.

This is not a typical Canadian game show where first prize is $25 in Canadian Tire money. Contestants can win up to $4,000 in valuable Canadian dollars not devalued U.S. Currency.

Darrin Rose does a good job as host. The panelists for the pilot were Laura Cilevetz, Colin Mochrie, Graham Chittenden, and Yvette Nicole Brown. The panelists will have to learn not to talk over each other. The only drawback to this episode was Sean Cullen. Granted, I think Cullen is as annoying as he thinks he is funny, but his presence is only irritating and self-aggrandizing.

This version of Match Game has a couple of new twists. After the two rounds contestants are then put in a speed round with a celebrity where they have to match answers. For example: Match _____ a)Game   b) Point.  Another twist is after the winner matches the audience's answer to find out how much he will play for in Super Match, he then spins a wheel to choose which celebrity he has to match to actually win or double the money in play.

Honestly, I got a little confused because Darrin Rose tells the contestant he won $1,500 but he then has to play for it to actually in it.

The Comedy Network's version of Match Game pays respect to Canadian game shows of the past in that losers go home with sweet bugger all.

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