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Articles - Hal Sparks - Charmageddon - The Comedy Network Nov 10th 9 P.M.

Charmageddon - The Comedy Network Nov 10th 9 P.M.
Hal Sparks
The Comedy Network
Nov 10th 9 p.m.

Hal Sparks Charmageddon (2010) is one stand-up comedy performance you definitely do not want to miss. It airs Saturday November 10th at 9 on The Comedy Network. Sparks is a very smart and very orignal comic with an original take on things including vocabulary, modern trends, and men and women, to name a few. DVD and Instant Video at Amazon

Sparks opens with a couple of bits perhaps better appreciated by those familiar with him such as the reference to having short hair. He soon gets everybody into it though with a routine about how a southern and technology are not compatible. Those who like comedy about language will appreciate his observations on plain vs. unsweetened, non non-smoker, and why the expression “pussy” should mean strong and “balls” should mean weak. His stale observation that there is no medium if all you have is medium and large takes away a bit from that particular set. It is here however that Sparks does some of his best physical work to support his material.

Other very funny moments include sexting and driving, why marriage is outdated, a particularly original men vs. women bit that includes a trip to a strip club and a sex shop, and a fun game of Vagina Says.

Sparks is clearly a pro-woman comic, something that (unfortunately) sets him apart from many in his field and adds to the material.  This is adult audience fare anybody can enjoy.

Other stand-up comedy specials on The Comedy Network in November are Loni Love: America's Sister November 17th and and Jamie Kennedy Uncomfortable on November 24th. Weekdays include the new and very fun to watch Match Game at 8:00 and Community at 9:30

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