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Articles - Loni Love - America's Sister - The Comedy Network Nov. 17th 9 p.m.

America's Sister - The Comedy Network Nov. 17th 9 p.m.
Saturday Night Stand Up
Loni Love
America's Sister
The Comedy Network
Nov 17th 9 p.m.

Loni Love's 2010 stand-up comedy special America's Sister airs November 17th at 9 p.m. On The Comedy Network. This is a decent enough special. Love is a bit on the shrill side and some of the references like Kanye West and the award bit are already dated. This is less a problem than usual as Loni Love is pretty rapid fire so there's a lot of material here.

America's Sister opens with fat people and buffet jokes. Nothing special there. It gets better with the Obama and gangsta Presidents routine.

The bit on orientals is, to me, rather offensive. Her “flied lice” accent when talking about Asians would not fly if she had been a white comic.

Other interesting bits include one on how to spot illegals, reality shows, and why Jesus was Black and Noah was Mexican.

This is an entertaining stand-up comedy special but nothing worth going out of your way for.

November on The Comedy Network also includes the new Match Game weekdays at 8. This is a very entertaining show even with Sean Cullen. You can also catch Jamie Kennedy Uncomfortable on November 24th at 9.

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