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Articles - Kirk USB Key 8 to 64 GB - Mimobot

Kirk USB Key 8 to 64 GB - Mimobot

Kirk Mimobot USB Key
8 to 64 gb

If you are looking for a really cool and original Christmas gift or birthday present for that Star Trek fanatic in your life look no further than the Mimobot Star Trek flash drives. Available as Kirk, Spock, Picard, and Data (oh, the irony!), these usb keys come in 8, 16, 32, and 64 gb size. Some are available at Amazon –there are two links on this page-- but there is more variety and better prices at

These Star Trek flash drives include extras like desktops, 8 different Star Trek comic books, a dozen or so video clips relating to the TNG Blu-ray release and commercials for Hallmark Star Trek doodads, and icons and avatars so a geek's desktop can really have that Enterprise feel. Hey the usb key even makes appropriate sounds when inserted and retrieved (though you have to be more computer savvy than I to get that to work)


Not that the Kirk usb key from Mimobot is totally and absolutely perfect (well, it is, but you know). The key is inserted ass side up to you can see the led showing it is working. A little hook or something to slip in a lanyard would be a nice touch.

Mimobot has quite a variety of flash drives. These include way too many Star Wars themed keys as well as flash drives inspired by superheroes, anime, Einstein, the Emily Strange comic, Hello Kitty, and Transformers.

Here's to a Doctor Who series. I mean, who would not want a key of the Tardis?

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